The Smitten Kitten Menu

Welcome to the Smitten Kitten, where every sandwich is lovingly crafted with the nerdiest and most awesome of skills. Gaming is an intense activity! Let us feed you while you throw down with your opponents or slay monsters with your party!
Boros Legion Tomato
The Ravnican BLT…
A sandwich that is red and white through and through just like the Boros Legion.
A BLT with your choice of Pepper Jack or Swiss!

The Flame Tongue
WARNING: This sandwich requires attunement!
A D&D inspired sandwich with Southwestern flavors,
featuring Buffalo Sauce, Turkey, Chipolte Ranch, and Jalapenos.

The Hero Link
It’s dangerous to go alone! Eat this!
Served on a hoagie loaf with avocado, bell pepper, lettuce, salami,
ham, turkey, chedder cheese, and mayo!

Limit Break
A sandwich that has filled up the limit meter and is ready to dish out some punishment!
Two stacked grill cheeses with Lettuce, Bacon, Ham, Turkey, and
Tomatoes in the middle!

The Kirby
A sandwich you wish you could inhale!
A triple decker sandwich that includes Texas Toast, Roast Beef, Bacon, Salami
Swiss, Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, and Mustard.

The Phat Catz Club Sandwich
What meow-re could you want from a nya-mazing sandwich?
Served on a Ciabatta loaf with Ham, Turkey,
Bacon, Swiss Cheese and creamy mayo.

The Exodia
The Forbidden One’s power was sealed away… but not his sandwich.
Served on Texas Toast with Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Salami,
Bacon, Swiss, and Mustard!

The Goodberry
Want to fill up your stomach and heal yourself at the same time?
Ask our druids for the Goodberry! It’s a PB&J!

The Pikachu
A grilled cheese sandwich! Made with all yellow cheeses – just like a Pikachu!

The Great Roc
A simple turkey and cheese!

The Dire Boar
A simple ham and cheese!
Add chips and a drink to any sandwich for $3.00 extra.
You may also consider the Tavern Combo for $6.00 instead which includes chips and an adult beverage.