Parties and Reservations

The Space

For your smaller events such as Dungeons and Dragons, board game nights, and family fun nights, just come in and reserve the room ahead of time! Don’t want to host a ton of people in your home or cook for a group of hungry adventurers? Let us do it for you!

If you’re looking to reserve space for a party or a large gaming event, look no further. Our building is able to house up to 99 attendees. For reserving our facilities for your big event, please contact Mike Richter, Jose Duran, or Daniel Coyle at our store.

The Staffing

We also have private guided events booking available at $30.00 an hour.

What does a private guided event mean?

You get one of our specialized, professional staff all to yourself at your party for the full duration! We will teach you how to play a game you’ve always wanted to try, run a personalized tournament of your choice (with optional additional pay-in for prize support), or even moderate large groups and games!

What does a staff member have that I don’t?

Let’s be honest. When you want to kick back and enjoy your own party, you want someone else to do the work. That’s what we’re here for! We want to make your private event relaxing and fun, and we want to take care of all the nitty gritty details – like teaching board game rules and running moderated events like Ultimate Werewolf and RPG’s. Why do the work yourself when you should be relaxing?

The Foodstuffs

We serve sandwiches currently, and in the near future, we will also be serving adult beverages! Please take a look at our menu page for an idea of the sandwiches we offer!