Kiosk Tips

Kiosk Pro-tips!

You can swipe left to access your cart at any time! Swiping right should bring you to the store’s inventory. 

If you aren’t finding the cards you are looking for, then click the menu button in the top right and make sure the selection for In-Stock only is either selected or unselected to your desired position.

We want to BUY your cards, so if you’re looking to create a BUYLIST then set the kiosk to BUY mode.

If we’re SELLING you cards, then set the Kiosk to SELL mode.

When you are finished and want to submit a cart, then swipe to your cart and hit submit. Then swipe back to the other screen to confirm your submission. Then inform a store associate that you submitted a cart and provide them your name.

If  you’re having troubles with the cart not letting you add cards, then try refreshing the page.

For guidelines on grading, we use TCGPlayer’s guide for finding the conditions of cards. Follow those to know what condition your cards are in.
Trading in a large collection? See a store associate about putting in a Buylist on our website so that you may sell your cards from the leisure of your home. Or see about selling your cards at a bulk rate!
Still having problems? See a store associate for assistance! We’re here for you!